Synthetic vs Real Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly typical in the last few years, with both artificial and genuine locks extensions being popular possibilities available on the market. While artificial locks extensions are cheaper, they don’t have quite the exact same normal feel and look as genuine locks extensions. To assist you determine what type is best for you personally, we made a decision to explore the distinctions between artificial and genuine locks extensions, to produce a quick guide about the subject.

What Are Real Hair Extensions?

Real locks extensions are produced from 100% human being locks, making them more natural-looking than many other artificial options. These extensions in many cases are more costly than artificial locks extensions, nonetheless they could be styled and addressed exactly like your normal locks, and can usually last a considerable amount of time.

Real locks extensions can be purchased in a number of textures, colors, and lengths, to enable you to match them completely along with your locks. What’s more, genuine locks extensions can endure as much as half a year with care, whereas artificial locks extensions usually have a shorter lifespan.

What Are Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Synthetic locks extensions, available from internet sites such as Lullabellz, are produced from a number of artificial materials. While they’re typically less costly than human being locks extensions, these are typically nevertheless usually impressively practical, and lots of individuals choose them to normal extensions.

Pre-Styled vs Customisable

One advantage of artificial locks extensions is they are usually pre-styled, this means they may be used appropriate from the package.

Human locks extensions, having said that, will have to be styled to fit your normal locks. This is often a benefit if you should be shopping for a good way to improve your hairstyle, nonetheless it may also be a disadvantage if perhaps you were keen to own something which seemed super normal and personalised.


Another element to consider when selecting between synthetic and human being locks extensions could be the amount of upkeep needed. Artificial locks extensions are more straightforward to keep in certain means in comparison to human being locks extensions, while they don’t need regular washing. Human being locks extensions require more upkeep, nonetheless they could be washed exactly like your normal locks, and thus they’ll most likely fare better over time.

Synthetic locks extensions are often cheaper, and lots of individuals locate them a far more convenient choice. Human being locks extensions provide a far more normal look, and that can be styled exactly like your normal locks. If you’re wanting a short-term, low-maintenance solution, artificial locks extensions are the ideal choice for you personally. But, if you’re interested in a far more permanent, natural-looking solution, human being locks extensions are an option that best suits you better.

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